ORL Bubblegum, Fresh Mint, Cinnamint Natural Mouthwash Fluoride Free Alcohol Free
ORL Fresh Mint Natural Mouthwash Fluoride Free Alcohol Free
ORL Cinnamint Natural Mouthwash Fluoride Free Alcohol Free
ORL Bubblegum Natural Mouthwash Fluoride Free Alcohol Free
Mouthwash made with Organic Xylitol and Natural Ingredients
Mouthwash made with Organic Xylitol and Natural Ingredients

Mouthwash made with Organic Xylitol and Natural Ingredients

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ORL Alcohol-Free and Fluoride-Free Natural Mouthwash (All Flavors)

ORL mouthwash brings your oral care routine full circle, improving overall oral health and leaving breath deliciously clean with a proprietary blend of clinically proven natural and organic ingredients and completely alcohol free.

Reaching areas often missed through brushing and flossing alone, ORL natural mouthwash immediately goes to work to restore balance in your mouth with its neutral 7.0 pH. Leveraging the power of organic xylitol, it kills cavity-causing bacteria without harmful chemicals like alcohol and inhibits biofilm growth for deliciously clean and bright teeth. The unique formula gives teeth the vitamins and minerals they need to remineralize naturally without fluoride, helping prevent cavities and reducing sensitivity, all while nourishing your smile with a blend of plant-based essential oils. 

With three mouthwatering flavor profiles, including sweet and zesty Fresh Mint, bold Cinnamint, and kid-friendly Bubblegum, ORL makes it easy to find oral health care products the whole family will love.

ORL Alcohol-Free and Fluoride-Free Natural Mouthwash Has Everything Your Smile Needs

  • Generous 16.9oz (500ml) Size
  • Safe Natural and Organic Ingredients
  • Acid-Neutralizing 7.0 pH
  • Cavity-Fighting Organic Xylitol
  • Teeth-Strengthening, Sensitivity-Reducing Vitamins and Minerals
  • Nourishing Plant-Based Essential Oils
  • Naturally Whitening Formula
  • Recyclable Eco-Friendly Packaging - Plastic Bottle Free!

…And Nothing it Doesn’t

  • Alcohol-Free
  • Fluoride-Free
  • Gluten-Free
  • GMO-Free
  • Paraben-Free
  • Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS)-Free
  • Triclosan-Free
  • Cruelty-Free
  • Vegan

Order ORL alcohol-free and fluoride-free natural mouthwash by itself here or bundle it with ORL Toothpaste to complete your oral care regimen here.

Explore the full list of ingredients here.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Marcia Ranney

Helps to have a natural balance in my mouth and helps healing. Thank you.

David T Napoli
Product not received

Still haven’t received the product

Excellent Product

Dentist recommended this product and I love it. Works great!

Debra Hoffman
More than just a Mouthwash!

I've been using Orl Care mouthwash since April 2020. I absolutely love it for all of the reasons listed above. However, recently I realized it has another benefit and I wanted to share it with the public. All of us at some point get a sore on either our tongue or the inside of our mouths for no reason at all. I began using the mouthwash longer than your usual time it takes to swish and gargle. I've kept it in my mouth swishing till my mouth couldn't take it any more. Longer than a minute sometimes 2 minutes. Then I went to bed and in the morning, my sore was gone. My mouth felt so much better. Now I use it for more than just a mouthwash. It definitely helps with mouth or tongue sores. Keep in mind, if you bite and break the skin on the inside of your mouth, that is not the type of sore I am talking about. That is totally different. However, that recently happened to me and I swished and it just helps ease the pain.

I definitely recommend this mouthwash.


Great product, and good communication