• What Makes Toothpaste Foam (And Why it Shouldn’t!)

    Once you find out what makes toothpaste foam, and the common side-effects of its use, you’ll be ready to go foam-free too. Learn more on the ORL blog.

  • The Magic of Eucalyptus with Your Oral Health

     An ancient remedy that can help improve one's health with pain, mouth inflammation, eliminating bad germs and bacteria, improve healing and freshe...
  • 3 Surprising Ways ORL May Help Brighten Your Smile

    Lately, people have been posting before and after photos on social media, showing how ORL whitened their teeth naturally. Our toothpastes and mouthwashes were designed around a simple premise—to provide everything a well-nourished smile needs, and nothing it doesn’t, all in a perfect 7.0 pH balanced formula.
  • 7 of the Best Foods for Your Teeth

    The right nutritional building blocks will help your smile radiate beauty from the inside out. That’s why ORL is packed with vitamins and minerals. But, what if you want to get your nutrients straight from the source or amplify the results you’re getting from your natural oral health care routine? Use this helpful infographic from McLean DDS to learn some of the best foods for your teeth and start building a healthier smile right away.
  • 6 Ways to Keep Kids Smiles Healthy Nobody’s Talking About

    You’ve already heard the basic tips for keeping your children’s smiles healthy—probably a million times over by now. But, what can you do when the basic advice like seeing the dentist regularly still leaves your kiddo with cavities or you can’t get them to brush no matter what you do? That’s where these tips come in.
  • 8 Easy Ways to Keep Your Smile Healthy on the Go

    Whether you’re planning a simple overnight getaway, packing up the family for a cross-country road trip, or have your sights set on an international destination, it’s important to keep giving your smile the care it needs to stay healthy. Taking the right steps now can help you avoid dental emergencies while you’re away too. Here’s a quick look at a few ways you can keep your smile healthy while you’re on the go.
  • Is Coffee Ruining Your Teeth? (Science Answers Your Biggest Coffee Questions)

    Let’s be realistic. Your blood probably ran cold the second you saw the title of this article. Almost two-thirds of coffee drinkers say they literally can’t function without coffee per a recent survey. Huge swaths of coffee drinkers are willing to give up TV, the internet, bathing, and even their significant others before hanging up their mugs too.
  • The Essential Guide to Kids Oral Health Care

    You’ve already heard the basic tips for keeping your children’s smiles healthy—probably a million times over by now. But, what can you do when the...
  • Brooklyn Decker says she "can't live without" our toothpaste!

    "We’ve really tried to get rid of single-use plastics where we can in our house. Toothpaste is one of the changes we made; for whatever reason, we always had a million disposable tubes of toothpaste lying around. I wanted to find something packaged in recyclable glass and landed on ORL. It has kid flavors like bubblegum and adult flavors like fresh mint and cinnamon. The fresh mint is my favorite. It’s kind of expensive, but it lasts a long time."
  • Top 5 Questions About Charcoal Toothpaste Answered

    Once thought of as a safe and natural treatment for dingy and discolored teeth, charcoal toothpaste is now making headlines for a very different re...
  • You may be risking your health 3x per day

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  • Do I Need a Methylparaben-Free Toothpaste?

    Worried about parabens in your toothpaste? Get straight answers, see both sides of the paraben safety debate, and explore alternatives here.