Why ORL Natural Toothpaste Makes Your Mouth Feel Cleaner ORL

Why ORL Natural Toothpaste Makes Your Mouth Feel Cleaner

The secret behind the unique clean feeling ORL toothpaste provides is in the ingredients we include (and also those we don’t). Check out the science here.

At ORL, we take customer feedback to heart. We read your letters and follow up, but lately, we’ve been getting some “interesting” reactions.

For example, one person wrote in to tell us, “My teeth and mouth felt so clean after using the paste and the rinse- more so than your standard toothpaste. Noticeable. I like the flavor a lot- it’s not your standard sting-your-nostrils-strong taste and I appreciate that.”

Another shared the rave review her son gave our kids toothpaste: “Oh Mama, this is yum!”

And, while we’ve put great care into creating “yum” flavor profiles the whole family will love, we also know that a whole lot of people are surprised by the different kind of clean ORL natural toothpaste provides. It really isn’t like the toothpaste you’ve been using, so we’d like to take just a moment to explain why your experience will be unique and explore the science behind why that’s a wonderful thing.

Our Fluoride-Free Formula Leaves No Unpleasant Coating Behind

ORL toothpaste is built around one primary premise: to create a perfectly balanced environment that allows your teeth to remineralize naturally without the use of fluoride. Simply put, our mouths are healthier when they’re a 7.0 pH, which is neutral, as opposed to an acid or base. Research shows that teeth naturally absorb nutrients in your saliva in this kind of environment, fortifying them against cavities. Traditional toothpaste doesn’t address this. Instead, it uses fluoride as a sort of bandage to fill in the gaps caused by demineralization from the acidic state we create with our normal daily habits. Fluoride works in this respect. It offers cavity protection even if you never restore balance. However, a lot of people have safety concerns about fluoride, plus it’s associated with a nasty taste and gritty feeling. This in mind, we don’t include fluoride in any of our formulas. Instead, we provide a perfect 7.0 pH and all the vitamins and minerals your teeth need to remineralize the way nature intended. No fluoride means that there’s no unpleasant fluoride coating left behind when you brush, and thus, your mouth feels cleaner.

We Kill Germs with Organic Xylitol, Not Alcohol or Other Chemicals that Dry Out Tissues

A lot of oral care products use alcohol and other harsh chemicals to kill the germs that cause cavities. The problem is, many of these chemicals dry your mouth out. Although that technically doesn’t impact cleanliness, it certainly changes the way your mouth feels. On the other hand, ORL products contain organic xylitol, which has the exact opposite effect. It can actually eliminate dry mouth symptoms, plus works as a plaque inhibitor, essentially starving Streptococcus mutants (the primary cavity-causing bacteria) to death, so teeth are at less risk for decay.

Plant-Based Essential Oils Give ORL Toothpaste its Naturally Fresh Taste

When companies start throwing all sorts of “junk ingredients” into their formulas, they have to use even more chemicals to mask the taste. That’s a problem we don’t have, so we’re able to use natural flavors that are “yum” and don’t have the “standard sting-your-nostrils-strong taste.” Many of the ingredients which make up our distinct flavor profiles, such as cinnamomum zeylanicum, peppermint, and wintermint essential oils have additional benefits, such as antimicrobial or antibacterial properties and can help relieve inflammation, which also leads to a cleaner clean. 

No Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) to Leave “Scum” and Irritation Behind

A lot of toothpastes contain sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) or its cousin sodium laureth sulfate or SLES. SLS is used primarily as a detergent or surfactant and is typically the ingredient that accounts for the foaming action of toothpaste. The problem is, SLS and related compounds cause a lot of allergic reactions, and can be irritating, especially for those with canker sores. Ordinarily, SLS would also leave scum behind as well, but most manufacturers pair it with a sequestering agent like tetrasodium pyrophosphate (TSPP) or chelating agent like disodium pyrophosphate, which leads to the next issue. Disodium pyrophosphate is an irritant to skin and mucous membranes and TSPP is not only an irritant, but mildly toxic. It’s an awful lot like the story about the old lady who swallowed a fly. They wind up adding ingredient after ingredient to help minimize the side-effects of the prior ingredients. Suffice it to say, we don’t include SLS in our products. There’s no funky scum left behind and, not only are our products non-irritating, the essential oils can help address irritation caused by other sources too. 

Our pH-Neutral Formula Restores Balance for a Happier Mouth

We touched on how our perfect 7.0 pH impacts remineralization earlier, but it’s also worth noting that a balanced mouth simply feels better. Instead of trying to treat symptoms with chemical after chemical, ORL toothpaste nourishes your smile, so it’s healthier, and delivers the unique “different kind of clean” feeling you’ve come to love.

Haven’t Tried ORL Natural Toothpaste Yet?

If you’re exploring the information on our site before dipping your toes in the water, we urge you to head over to our toothpaste comparison page where you can see exactly how the ingredients in ORL toothpaste stack up against those included in the brand you’re currently using. When you’re ready to try us out, visit our shop and explore our original formula, as outlined here, as well as our yum-inducing bubblegum flavor for kids, each perfectly pH-balanced, fluoride-free, and full of natural ingredients that will help you and your family nourish your way to healthier, cleaner, smiles.