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Living Fluoride-Free: The Hydroxyapatite Option

As more people are looking for fluoride-free alternatives to their oral care, hydroxyapatite is becoming an increasingly popular choice. This natural ingredient is primarily found in toothpaste, and is composed of the same materials that make up human teeth.

Hydroxyapatite is a calcium-based compound that is a natural substitute for fluoride, providing a safe and effective way to maintain oral health.

Hydroxyapatite is making a big impact in the oral hygiene world, challenging fluoride as the go-to ingredient for healthier, stronger teeth. This natural form of calcium has been backed by over four decades of research, and is now being used in many toothpaste brands as an alternative to fluoride.

Hydroxyapatite is the main constituent of tooth and enamel, the hard, white outer layer of teeth that protects the underlying tissues, dentin and pulp. It is essential for maintaining healthy teeth and overall wellness, as it helps to protect against bacteria that can lead to cavities, infections, gum disease and even tooth loss.

When compared to fluoride, hydroxyapatite has been found to be just as effective, if not more so, in preventing and reversing enamel erosion in tooth decay.

It is also non-toxic and bio-available, and helps to maintain a neutral pH balance in the mouth to avoid inflammation in oral disease. Furthermore, hydroxyapatite promotes a healthy microbiome and may even improve gum health.

On top of all these functional benefits, hydroxyapatite and its calcium properties also helps to whiten teeth by filling in the natural enamel with healthy tooth structure.

All in all, hydroxyapatite is an excellent choice for those looking for a natural, non-toxic oral hygiene option.