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Elevating Your Oral Care Routine: The Benefits of Choosing Vegan Toothpaste

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When it comes to oral care, not all toothpaste and mouthwash options are created equal. Many conventional and "natural" products may seem harmless, but a closer look at their ingredient lists reveals hidden animal-derived components. At ORL, we're committed to transparency and providing 100% vegan oral healthcare products. In this updated post, we'll delve into some common non-vegan ingredients found in toothpaste and why they might not align with a cruelty-free lifestyle.

Toothpaste Can Be non-Vegan?

Although not all toothpaste and mouthwashes contain animal products, they’re hiding in plain sight on some ingredient lists.


One seemingly innocent ingredient found in both traditional and "natural" toothpaste is glycerin. While it serves the purpose of retaining moisture and contributing to toothpaste texture, there's more to the story. PubChem identifies glycerin as a potential skin, eye, and respiratory irritant. For vegans, the concern goes beyond its effects – glycerin can be sourced from either animals (such as pork) or plants. Shockingly, manufacturers are not obligated to disclose the origin, leaving consumers in the dark. At ORL, we prioritize your well-being and commitment to veganism by excluding glycerin from our formulations.

Vague Ingredients

The terms "flavor" and "color" may seem innocuous on ingredient lists, but their intentional ambiguity raises eyebrows. These mixtures can be derived from a variety of sources, including animals. Carmine, cochineal extract, or natural red 4 are well-known examples, often signifying the presence of crushed insects in the product. Keep an eye out for alternative names such as cochineal, crimson lake, carmine lake, C.I. 75470, or E120 cautions Live Science’s Luke Yoquinto . At ORL, we believe in full disclosure, ensuring our flavors, colors, and fortifiers are derived solely from plant-based sources.

Vitamins and Minerals

Calcium Carbonate and Vitamin B12 are commonly added to oral care products for their benefits, but their origins can be a gray area for vegans. These essential nutrients may be sourced from either animals or plants. ORL's commitment to a 100% vegan line means we meticulously select plant-derived vitamins and minerals to promote optimal oral health without compromising your values.

At ORL, we recognize the importance of providing oral care products that align with your vegan lifestyle. Our dedication to transparency ensures that harmful ingredients like glycerin are absent from our formulations, and we exclusively use plant-based sources for flavors, colors, and fortifiers.

Choose ORL for a truly cruelty-free and vegan oral care experience, where your commitment to wellness and ethics are at the forefront.

Why Selecting a Vegan Toothpaste Is Important?

A Healthier Lifestyle Choice

The health benefits of a vegan lifestyle extend far beyond the plate. Research compiled by Rush University Medical Center highlights that maintaining a vegan diet can significantly reduce the risk of heart disease by lowering cholesterol, aid in managing diabetes by lowering A1C levels, decrease the likelihood of developing certain types of cancer, and contribute to weight loss. If you've embraced a vegan diet for these reasons, it's only logical to extend your conscious choices to all aspects of your daily routine, including oral care.


The environmental impact of livestock farming is a pressing concern. Matt Reynolds of Wired emphasizes that the environmental case against livestock farming goes beyond land usage. Citing the UN's research, he notes that 33 percent of all croplands are dedicated to growing feed for livestock. This, coupled with the corresponding greenhouse emissions and pollution, poses a significant threat to our planet. Animal waste and fertilizers contribute to water pollution, choking lakes of oxygen, poisoning fish, and degrading water supplies. By choosing vegan toothpaste, you actively contribute to minimizing the ecological footprint associated with animal agriculture.

Ethical Treatment

Representatives from the Vegan Society affirm that in every livestock system, regardless of welfare standards, non-human animals will inevitably suffer. The Five Freedoms, a measure of animal welfare, are rarely met completely. Opting for vegan toothpaste aligns with your compassion for all living beings, ensuring that your oral care choices reflect your commitment to cruelty-free living.

Aligns With Your Values

Veganism is not solely driven by health or environmental concerns; personal reasons play a significant role. Whether rooted in religious observances, philosophical beliefs, or individual preferences, more people are choosing a vegan lifestyle. The growing trend, reflected in statistics from various sources, underscores the diverse and evolving reasons individuals adopt veganism. Choosing vegan toothpaste becomes a tangible expression of your unique journey and values.

Elevate your oral care routine by choosing vegan toothpaste. Beyond its direct benefits for your health, the environment, and compassion towards animals, opting for vegan oral care products aligns seamlessly with your personal reasons for embracing a cruelty-free lifestyle. At ORL, we stand with you on this journey, offering a 100% vegan line of oral care products that prioritize your well-being and values. Make the switch today and experience the harmonious blend of conscious living and optimal oral health.