Celiac Disease Impacts Oral Health Too ORL

Celiac Disease Impacts Oral Health Too

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Why ORL is Key in Your Gluten-Free Life

Whether you’ve given up gluten because you’re one of the 300,000 Americans with celiac disease, suffer from gluten sensitivity, or eliminated gluten from your diet for other reasons, you’ve no doubt come to learn that it’s incredibly difficult to avoid. Not only is it tucked away in everything from ice cream to hot dogs, but it’s in things you use every day, like medications, beauty products, and, yes, often toothpaste.

That’s a serious issue because hidden gluten is often a reason why around 30% of people with celiac disease experience symptoms even after they’ve eliminated gluten from their diets. Issues arising from continued exposure to gluten for those with celiac disease are wide-ranging and include things like bloating, pain, brain fog, rashes, and headaches as well as long-term problems like osteoporosis, nerve damage, infertility, and seizures.

Delayed Dental Development: Because people with celiac disease have difficulty absorbing nutrients in their diet, they’re prone to low bone mineral density which impacts how the teeth and jaw forms in young celiac patients.

Enamel Defects: Enamel is impacted in much the same way, which often results in discolorations as well as increased sensitivity and oral health issues.

Canker Sores: Although severity of outbreaks tend to diminish when a gluten-free diet is adopted, painful canker sores are common.

Dry Mouth: People with celiac disease often report having dry mouth, but what really changes is the quality of saliva, not the flow.

Cavities: Structural defects are a large component of the increased decay risk, but the dry mouth component often causes people to reach for sugary things for relief, further compounding the problem.

ORL Delivers What Your Smile Needs (and Nothing it Doesn’t)

Gluten-Free: ORL excluded more than 100 unnecessary (and often harmful) ingredients commonly found in toothpaste from our formulas. Gluten is one.

7.0 Neutral pH: The perfect 7.0 pH balance of ORL helps bring acidic mouths back to a neutral level, halting demineralization while creating an environment in which teeth naturally remineralize.

Organic Xylitol: The sugar substitute xylitol helps reduce decay-causing bacteria and can increase saliva production, so your smile is healthier and you’re more comfortable without reaching for sugary drinks and candies. 

Vitamins and Minerals: ORL’s line of toothpastes and mouthwashes contain vitamins and minerals like calcium and phosphorus that keep teeth strong, plus many more to help ensure your smile stays healthy.

Natural Plant-Based Essential Oils: Various essential oils have demonstrated ability to reduce decay, promote oral health, and improve comfort. ORL’s line contains a proprietary mix for optimum nourishment.

Experience the Difference for Yourself

You may have started out just trying to find a gluten-free toothpaste, but the reality is you don’t have to settle for that alone. ORL gives your smile what it needs to stay healthy and beautiful without any of the excess junk or fillers. Plus, our full range of flavor profiles means you’re certain to find something you like. Explore the full line.