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[00:00:00] Mark Asher: Right now we're gonna visit with Howard Kaufman. He is the CEO of ORL a sponsor of the Healthy Grocery , radio show, which is airs Saturdays here on Money Radio at 1100 AM.  And we join Howard. We have Howard join us, is what I should say this morning. Hi Howard. How are you?  Let me ask you about, uh, oral because some people don't realize a valley company that is here.

Tell us a little bit.

[00:00:27] Howard Kaufman: Sure, we're a two and a half year old company. We're based in the Valley. And what makes ORL's product line unique is everything is formulated without any harmful ingredients, and it's locked into deliver a perfect 7.0 pH balance. And we do that with, natural and organic ingredients.

It's paraben free, fluoride free, and all alcohol free. And we also use we don't use any plastic tubes or bottles. Everything's packaged in eco-friendly recyclable packaging. Why is pH balance in your mouth important? I hear that, but I don't necessarily understand. Yeah, no, that, that, that's a great question.

So our diets are tend to be very acidic or low in pH. I mean even things like coffee, tea. Sports, nutrition, drinks, even what's considered, you know, super foods like blueberry strawberries. It will have a pH of about three. And what happens is, is that the science shows that when your mouth pH falls below that 5.0 level, it significantly increases the likelihood that bad bacteria, which is also known as streptococcus mutants, start colonizing.

And ultimately what can happen is biofilm can form plaque developed and then more, you know, challenging things start happening with gingivitis. And ultimately leading to environments where cavities can form with the growth and bad bacteria also tends to contribute to bad breath. And by raising your pH level.

And our goal is with our product, If you adopted our product in the morning, Say in the evening. So you use it twice a day. It's simply like a broken clock on the wall. It's going to be correct at least twice a day. And by raising your mouth pH your sig significantly in eliminating, decreasing the likelihood that that bad bacterial will start colonizing in your mouth.

[00:02:29] Mark Asher: And it leads to just overall a better, healthy, happier mouth. We're visiting with Howard Kaufman, co-founder, CEO of ORL and emerging organic and natural oral care brand, uh, based right here in Arizona. In my notes here, it tells me to ask you about xylitol. I I don't know if I said that right, but tell me about that a little bit.

[00:02:48] Howard Kaufman: Yeah, yeah, yeah. So xylitol is really a, a significant ingredient because it's naturally sweet. It's. Derived in nature from both birch trees and corn. And essentially what happens by using xylitol, it tricks the bad bacteria. Bad bacteria essentially consumes sugar molecules for energy. And mark the byproduct is plaque, right?

[00:03:13] Mark Asher: Mm-hmm. .

[00:03:14] Howard Kaufman: So when that sugar molecule encounters a molecule as xol, it thinks it's sugar, but it's not cause genetically. It's designed differently, and what happens is the bad bacteria attempts to consume that xylitol for energy, but ultimately it can't digest it and it ultimately will starve itself. So that's how xylitol actually kills bad bacteria.

It's the bacteria is basically exhausting itself to the point where it just starts. Are there a lot of harmful ingredients on the market for oral healthcare right now? Yeah, so that was really started us on our journey was the shocking realization and for, for me, it really started with the discovery of a well known children's toothpaste that as I was looking at the ingredient label, the fact it has a warning label and the warning label basically said not for children under six years of age.

If accidentally swallowed, get immediate medical attention or called poison control with poison control's phone number. And that really led us to really, picking a look at all the products on the market that we could find. And it was over 300 individual SKUs of mouthwash and toothpaste. And essentially we mapped each ingredient to the National Institute of.

Which I know we've all heard a lot about in the past year and a half, but they do have a website anyone can go to called And on anyone can put in any food ingredient, cosmetic ingredient, this case, oral care ingredient, and learn about that ingredient and find out if there's any. Um, harmful elements to that ingredient, and from by discovering in the market, we learned that there were, at the time 116 harmful ingredients that we could identify through PCA that do exist on the market.

[00:05:04] Mark Asher: So yes, there's just a lot of additives, a lot of chemicals and ingredients found in many of today's. We continue our visit this morning with Howard Kaufman. He is the, uh, co-founder CEO of r l where in the valley can we find ORL?  

[00:05:27] Howard Kaufman:  Yeah, Thanks Mark. Yeah. So, or, um, is sold in health and wellness stores in the valley.. Available in selected Fry's, AJ's, selected dentist offices and spas and boutiques, and we also have our product line fully available at And we also have a version of our product formulated with CBD oil, and that can be founded

[00:05:53] Mark Asher: Very cool. Howard, I appreciate the, uh, time. We enjoy hearing about, uh, your company on the Healthy grocery on  Saturdays. Keep up the great work and we'll catch up down.

[00:06:00] Howard Kaufman: Mark, I really appreciate it. Thank you so much. Have a great rest of the day.

[00:06:03] Mark Asher: Same to you, Howard Kaufman, CEO, co-founder of ORL, kind of short for oral, oral healthcare and uh, doing it the right way.

So a little good information there.