Your patients will love the ORL® difference and
  you'll love the additional revenue

Offer patients
the ORL Oral
Care Sytem

Automatic home
delivery every
60 Days

Earn 20%
commission on
each shipment

The demand for natural oral care has never been
greater and keeps growing. Having the ability to
offer a premium oral care system to patients can
dramatically increase patient results and overall
satisfaction. Partner with ORL to positively affect
your patients’ health, while enhancing the image
and profitability of your practice at the same time.

The Program is Simple.

Participating offices will receive a unique tracking
code for your patients to use at sign-up. We’ll
provide you with materials to display to patients how
the ORL® Oral Care System and how easy it is to use.
so your team will not need to sell. You’ll earn for
each patient who joins the ORL program. Payments
to providers are automatically sent every 60 days.
For convenient and fast signup, patients can use the
QR code on the signage, or visit our website, or call
our toll-free number.

Every 60 days, ORL will then automatically send a
complete two-month supply for only $59.99 (plus
shipping and tax) to their home via UPS or USPS.
Patients can customize, pause, or stop shipments at
any time. Satisfaction is guaranteed. Your patient can
request an exchange or refund within 30 days for any
reason and we’ll take care of them.


Effective, Safe & Natural Ingredients

Leave your mouth deliciously clean and invigorated with organic xylitol, wholesome plant-based essential oils and natural vitamins and minerals. Our proprietary blend of organic and natural ingredients achieve a harmonious 7.0 pH balance to help clean, protect, and restore your mouth’s ecosystem, for supporting stronger tooth enamel and fresh breath. An effective, safe and natural oral care system includes all the good things your teeth and gums need and none of the stuff they don’t.

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Each 60-Day
Shipment Includes:

  •     • Two 16.9oz (500ml)
          Bottles of Natural
          & Organic Mouthwash
        • One 4oz (120ml) Bottle of
          Natural & Organic Toothpaste
        • Two 10ml Natural & Organic,
          pH-Balanced Breath Sprays
        • Guaranteed Satisfaction



• No Alcohol, Fluoride or Parabens
• Plant-Based Essential Oils
• Vitamins and Minerals
• Contains 100% Organic Xylitol
• Freshens Breath & Fights Plaque
• No Harmful Ingredients

Cleans and Brightens with Organic Xylitol NOT Harmful Chemicals

We utilize xylitol, a natural compound with anti-adhesive
properties, allowing teeth to resist decay and stay white
and vibrant.

Fortify with Organic Vitamins and Minerals

Vitamin C to strengthen gums and guard against gingivitis, plus copper, iron, manganese, zinc, Vitamin A, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B3, Vitamin B6, Vitamin D, Vitamin E & more.

Organic Plant-Based Essential Oils

Only plant-based essential oils for their antibacterial,
antifungal, and biofilm-inhibiting properties and helps with
inhibiting plaque.

Designed to Achieve a Perfect 7.0 pH

ORL’s neutral 7.0 pH mouthwash and toothpaste restores
balance allowing teeth remineralize naturally fluoride.

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